Catzen Concepts was started in South Africa’s mother city, Cape Town in early 2019 by Jacques Vermeulen. As a cat person himself he has always wanted his furry loved ones to be happy where ever they lived. Be it on a farm with wide-open fields or a small complex building that had limited space.
He used to build the greatest hiding holes, sleeping nooks and play places out of cardboard boxes for them but they rarely lasted a few days. Especially during crazy cat hour! 🙂 With the kitty’s running around like crazy it only took a few times up and down and the boxes were in tatters. There were products on the market that he bought but the end result was always a breakage of some kind. They were also not aesthetically pleasing.

This was the start of Catzen. Jacques wanted to make a product for his feline friends that would be fun, made from quality raw materials, be long-lasting and still look stylish. So in early 2019, he started designing various cat furniture and prototyping materials. The end product was the “Kitty Climber“.

As the Kitty Climber is currently in the Demo unit is currently in production phase Jacques has taken on some new avenues namely Resin Courses as well as making and selling resin jewellery.

Watch this space for more exciting news 🙂